Meet the Past: what would you ask Annie Chambers?

Annie Chambers

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Is the nude that's about 6' long and 4or 5 ft high of you' and where is that original work today? Last time I saw it was in Annies Sante Fe in the Plaza in the late 1960's and early 1970's.


Annie, It's been noted that you held on to Pagen beliefs most of your adult life and later converted to Christiananity after meeting the Bulkleys. Most of the time Buella sat with you and read the bible to you since you were blind and alone. I know that you paid them dearly by giving them your house in return.

My question is.. Did you REALLY convert or was it a situation of convienience to say that you have.. since they were taking care of you during the end of your life?

How does it make you feel when people recant your story and refer to your life as "wicked ways"? Was there ever a time that you felt "wicked" or did you feel like you were in someway doing Gods work?

Did you ever think that you would be famous and a big part of Kansas City history?

Annie Chambers Questions

Could you describe the rules established for your employees in running a successful brothel in 1869?

What about Kansas City allowed you to be successful when you were not in another city?

What rules did you establish for your clients in running a successful brothel in 1869?

What does a brothel proprietor have to know to be successful?

What events in Kansas City's history helped in your proprietorship and what events in Kansas City historically hurt your business?

What historically significant clients frequented your brothel?

Customer Service

How did you resist the temptation to thank a customer by saying "It's been a business doing pleasure with you. Please come again!"

Mae West or Meryl Streep?

If Hollywood were to make a movie of your life, who do you think could play you?

Room at the Top

Was there a definite hierarchy in your profession, i.d. did prostitutes who worked in brothels look down on streetwalkers as less skilled and less fortunate?

Where can a person see

Where can a person see pictures of the interior of your house? Do any photos exist of the bedrooms?

And why did you pick an oriental theme to use in the design of the home and furnishings?

There is the painting from

There is the painting from your house that once hung in Annie's Santa Fe Restaurant on the Plaza. Where is it now? Where are other pieces of furniture or items that came from your house?

personal morals

I don't know if you have any religious convictions or what your ethics are, but if you have any conscience at all how can you reconcile any higher ethical standards with being a "Madam?"

Location, location, location

Where was your establishment located, what would we have seen around it in your era and what would we see if we looked at that location today?

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