Meet the Past: what would you ask Amelia Earhart?

 Amelia Earhart

Click on "Add a new comment" to pose a question to Amelia Earhart, the Atchison-born aviator who became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. If your question is chosen, Library Director Crosby Kemper III will ask it on your behalf.

Pop Culture Icon and Image

In a relatively short time, you were thrust into the national consciousness, becoming as popular and admired by the American public as the original aviation hero Charles Lindbergh. You seem to have been aware of the importance of image early on, e.g. cutting your hair short and sleeping in your leather flight jacket to give it a worn appearance so as not to appear a novice to your fellow fliers. Later on, you racked up publicity with commercial appearances (in cigarette ads and modeling your own clothing line at Macy's). How much of this was born of your own natural instinct and how much of a role did G.P.'s promotional expertise play in shaping your public image and making you into a cultural icon? Do you think it was a case of being in the right place at the right time?

(Also, what led to your learning to play the banjo and how do you think it helped your love life?)

Unconventional upbringing

It has been said "Nice women rarely make history." Would you agree and how much of a factor do you think your mother's rather unconventional ideas of child-rearing helped give you the courage to venture into an arena where no women (or few of them) had gone before?

How are you a hero?

I don't mean this in a mean way, but why would you consider yourself a hero? In what ways does your life experience inspire growing generations in becoming achievers as well?

I'd like to know...

Were many woman commercial pilots, or was that career completely closed to them?

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