Meet the Past: What would you ask Langston Hughes?

 Langston Hughes

Click on Add a new comment to pose a question to Langston Hughes, the Missouri-born writer who became a leading light of the Harlem Renaissance. If your question is chosen, Library Director Crosby Kemper III will ask it on your behalf.


Mr. Hughes A New Day and A Dream Deferred are two of my favorite poems. What was your inspiration for writing A New Day. If you were asked to recite a poem for the Presidental Inauguration of Barack Obama, which poem do you think you would have chosen and why

What specific steps have you

What specific steps have you used in taking a child from confused to clear, in both understanding the beauty and importance of art and literature, and also in dealing with the hurts of the world?

Lawrence city hall

Mr. Hughes--

Did you ever consider the possibility that the day would come when a passage from one of your poems would be put over the entrance to the Lawrence City Hall?

How does that make you feel?

Young adult and childhood

Describe your grandmother you stayed with in Lawrence, KS who used to put you to bed under the bloodstained shawl of your grandfather, killed at Harpers' Ferry. How were you influenced by the jazz clubs in Paris when you jumped ship?

I would ask...

I would ask how Missouri influenced Hughes' writing, and who is favorite authors were.

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