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Local History

Convention Stampede Led by Kansas City Woman

As the 1908 convention neared, Roosevelt’s many supporters held hope that he could be drafted to run for one more term. One of them was Maud Neal, a young woman who had grown up in Kansas City.

Water Rights

Swope Park swimming pool

August 2, 1951: Kansas City receives formal notification that the NAACP will bring suit against the municipal segregation policy at the swimming pool in Swope Park.

Book Review - Strike

cover image

Strike by Delilah S. Dawson

publication date: 2016
pages: 470
ISBN: 978-1-4814-2342-7

Hotel Horror

Hyatt  Regency Hotel

July 17, 1981: One hundred fourteen people die as two skywalks collapse at the Hyatt Regency Hotel during a tea dance.

This Message Has Been Brought to You by...

Chapter two from Get Real: What kind of world are you buying? by Mara Rockliff

Messages bombard you constantly. At the recent KC Youth Services Summit, Teen Librarian Wick Thomas shared that teens see an average of 3,000 advertisements a day. He got that statistic from SF Environment: A Department of the City and County of San Francisco Somebody else is spending a lot of money in the hopes that they can make you spend even more money than you already are.

The Multiplex is Born

Stanley H. Durwood

July 12, 1963: Stanley H. Durwood, chief executive of Durwood Theaters (later American Multi-Cinema and then AMC Entertainment), builds the country's first multiplex movie theater in the Ward Parkway shopping center.

Book Reviews

Roman Satire: the Satires of Q. Horatius Flaccus and the Satires of D. Junius Juvenalis

The Romans sometimes get grief for “copying” everything from other cultures. The Romans were masters at taking what worked from different cultures they encountered, adopting it, and adapting it to Roman use.

Book Review - Klickitat

Cover Image - a young girl runs barefoot through the forest

Klickitat by Peter Rock

publication date: 2016
pages: 229
ISBN: 978-1-4197-1894-6

In Klickitat, Rock explored the subtle danger and loneliness that exists in contemporary suburban America.

The Greatest Pitcher Ever

Satchel Paige

July 7, 1906: Satchel Paige, who will win fame as a pitcher for the Kansas City Monarchs and be elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971, is born in Mobile, Alabama.

Docents’ Tales, and a Farewell to the First Folio

Although each state gets its turn with a Folio, one thing that will not be found outside Kansas City are the University of Missouri-Kansas City-trained docents that have accompanied the book during its stay here.

"The Frank Lloyd Wright of Kansas City"

Louis Curtiss Studio, 1989

July 1, 1865: Louis Curtiss, whose innovative architecture and flamboyant lifestyle will make a lasting imprint on Kansas City after his 1887 arrival, is born in Belleville, Ontario.

Shakespeare’s First Folio: Did You Know …?

Not only does the Folio contain an impressive number of plays, it also has amassed quite a collection of interesting facts regarding its production, history, and existence.

Resources for Artists (Hint: We are all artists)

Bird Mosaic

No school. Hot day. Stuck at home. Is this a recipe for boredom? It doesn’t have to be.

Kansas City, Here I Come

Kansas City Skyline

Some days seem to have more than 24 hours. If you are in charge of kids who are stir-crazy, time can feel stuck. As the sun beats down and thermostat nears 100 degrees Fahrenheit, I hope that you remember this blog. A slow smile will spread across your face as you remember the glorious fact that you have options.

Starry, Starry Nights

Starlight Theatre

June 25, 1951: Kansas City’s Starlight Theatre kicks off its first season with a performance of The Desert Song.

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