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Warped - Teen Book Review

Warped by Maurissa Guibord

Tessa Brody lives with her father above their bookstore. When her father decides he need more books for their bookstore they go to an auction where they buy four boxes of books and one extra. Inside that box were a tapestry and a book with the words TEXO VITA on it. Tessa convinced her father to let her keep the tapestry and the book so she hung the tapestry in her bedroom wall.

The tapestry had a unicorn running in a forest with a scratch on its cheek that was bloody on it. When Tessa touched the unicorns bloody cheek she had some sort of vision or something and she saw a girl that looked just like her running in a forest and a handsome man named William de Chaucy looking for her.

Yes, Tessa had a past life and she felt like she knew the unicorn in the tapestry some how. And since she first touched the tapestry she kept having these weird dreams where this guy William de Chaucy got changed into a unicorn by an old lady named Gray Lily and she put him in her tapestry.

Book Reviews

Classic Review: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Little Women book cover Penguin

Your classics reviewer got to this book in a rather roundabout way. I made the decision to review this title after I had bought my Nook this past January. But first, I had watched two film productions of Little Women (one with Katherine Hepburn, the other with June Allyson as Jo) on TCM.

Learn Something

Five Novel Ways to Use the KC Library Mobile App

KC Library app screen

Since launching the Kansas City Public Library mobile app a couple of months ago, we’ve been hearing stories of how people are using the app in interesting ways. This doesn’t surprise us. Library patrons, after all, are the smartest people on the planet.

Guess the Movie!

Movies posters are iconic images that frequently make their way into popular consciousness right along with the movie itself. Can you guess the movie from the poster?

Program Notes: A Guy Named Joe (1943)

A Guy Named Joe movie poster

In A Guy Named Joe (1943), a dead man’s spirit returns to Earth to watch over the woman he left behind and, eventually, to help guide her to a new love.

Book Reviews

The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka

Buddha in the Attic Julie Otsuka

With simple sentences that say so much and read almost poetically, Julie Otsuka in The Buddha in the Attic delivers an emotional novel about Japanese picture brides who came to the United States in the early 1900s. 

A Tribute to Ken Russell (July 3, 1927 - Nov. 27, 2011)

Ken Russell

Ken Russell, who died Nov. 27 at age 84, was the sort of filmmaker who amused audiences and abused audiences in equal measure. He was not a gentlemanly director, he was more like an anarchistic madman. But a weirdly affable one.

Program Notes: Stairway to Heaven (1946)

Stairway to Heaven movie poster

Produced in 1946 at the behest of the British government, Stairway to Heaven from the writing-producing-directing team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger is one of the most satisfying film fantasies ever made.

Local History

History Lives in the Missouri Valley Room

Eli Paul Missouri Valley Special Collections Gallup Map

The Missouri Valley Room is well known for its warm-colored confines, gently glowing lamps, and deep collection of historic texts and artifacts. But there's a lot more action on the Library's 5th floor than just scholars poring over microfilm.

Film Series: Beyond This Vale of Tears

Beyond This Vale of Tears

Throughout December the Kansas City Public Library’s free film series Beyond This Vale of Tears: Hollywood Visits the Afterlife looks at the many ways in which filmmakers have sought to depict the after-death experience.

Book Reviews

Waiter Rant by Steve Dublanica

I’ve never had the desire to serve anyone in a restaurant setting. After listening to Waiter Rant by Steve Dublanica, I want to even less. I do, however, have a greater respect for people who work in the food service industry, and I’ll think twice before I send my order back to the kitchen.

Library Life

We're Looking for a Few Good Reading Partners

Halloween kids at Central Library

For Ashlei Wheeler, Teen Services specialist at the Waldo Branch, reading to children is an interactive experience. "It's so much fun to see them get into it and want to know what happens next," Wheeler says.

Guess the Movie!

Movies posters are iconic images that frequently make their way into popular consciousness right along with the movie itself. Can you guess the movie from the poster?

Library Life

Know Your Librarians: Veronica Manthei

Veronica Manthei photo

Veronica Manthei is one eclectic lady. Stop her the next time she reports for duty as a Library Technical Assistant at the North-East Branch, and you're likely to find her with a slew of books, audiobooks, and movies checked out to her account.

Program Notes: Silent Tongue (1993)

Silent Tongue movie poster

Sam Shepard always has been obsessed with families in crisis, so no one should be surprised that he wrote a drama about family and collective guilt. What is surprising about Silent Tongue (1993) is the flat-out weirdness of this Western.

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