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Biographies of Mary Todd Lincoln

Read all about the tumultuous life of Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln, in these biographies at the Library.

Narratives of the Afghan War

These memoirs of the war in Afghanistan provide firsthand accounts of those who experienced it and can help provide insight into the conflict.

Books on Journalism & New Media

These books at the Library explore the fate of news publications in our digital media society.

A Grace to Kill For


Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Cult Films

Are you a fan of cult films? These books examine some of the best. Or take a peek at a few films featured in “The New Cult Canon” series published for The A.V. Club, the arts and entertainment section for The Onion.

Walt Disney: American Icon

Animator, film maker and entrepreneur, Walt Disney transformed the film and entertainment industries. Learn more about this American icon and his art in these books at the Library.

What Are the Odds? Books on Randomness & Probability

These books at the Library explore the nature of randomness and probability in our lives.

The Art of Quilting

Whether or not you piece with the best of them, these books should appeal to anyone interested in the beauty and craft of quilting. For you quilters, check out some of the library’s books of quilt patterns. And if you like to stick to fiction, there’s a whole genre of quilting novels.

Pulitzer Prize Winners 2009

The 2009 Pulitzer Prize winners were announced on April 20. Check out this year’s award winners or browse through the winners of previous years to find some good reads.

Presidential Power

These books examine the executive branch and its power throughout U.S. history.

Get to Know Harry S. Truman

The 33rd president of the United States and a native of Missouri, Harry S. Truman also served as an officer during World War I, a U.S. Senator, and Vice President. These books include general biographies of Truman and works that examine his presidency, as well as his memoirs, letters, and speeches.

Unfinished Novels

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Recently, Harper Collins announced that it will publish two of Michael Crichton’s unfinished novels. Prior to that, the upcoming publication of an unfinished David Foster Wallace novel made the news. Even thirty years after the death of Vladimir Nabokov, author of Lolita, his son has announced that Nabokov’s unfinished The Original of Laura will be published in 2009 – disregarding Nabokov’s wishes to have it burned after his death.

Stephen Moss at The Guardian writes, “Leave unfinished works alone - let their authors rest in peace.” What do you think?

Have you ever read an unfinished novel? These books were all incomplete when the authors died.

Winston Churchill: 10 Recent Books

Prime minister of Britain, a soldier, writer, and politician, Winston Churchill has had hundreds of books written about him. This selection includes ten books about Churchill published in the last few years.

New Conversation about Old School

Common Grounds book group gathered on a snowy Saturday to wander the halls of Tobias Wolff’s debut novel, Old School. Christa and Michael both liked the selection and wished more readers had braved the weather to discuss it.

The Space Race: 10 Biographies

From astronauts to engineers and other space pioneers, these ten biographies help tell the story of the Space Race.