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Experiments in Living

These memoirs all recount experiments in living (most within a one-year time frame), from eating locally to reading the Oxford English Dictionary to cooking every recipe in a classic cookbook.

Private Detective Mysteries

The private detectives in these novels feature women solving the crimes – from V.I Warshawski to Sharon McCone to Kinsey Millhone. For more books with these women on the case, check out their mystery series.

Immigrant Experience in America

For a fictional look at the immigrant experience in the United States, check out one of these novels.

Legal Battles: David vs. Goliath

These nonfiction books tell the stories of individuals faced with legal battles against large corporations or local governments.

Contemporary Conservatism

These nonfiction books explore the history of and contemporary issues facing conservatives in American politics.

Books on Traffic & Driving

From traffic jams to road rage, these nonfiction books take a look at how we drive and why.

Vote for the 2009 Teens' Top Ten

Vote for up to 3 of your favorite books from last year! Voting is open from August 24 - September 18, 2009 to readers from ages 12 to 18. Vote now!

Check out the 2009 book nominees listed below. These books were nominated by members of teen book groups in fifteen school and public libraries around the country, including our very own Trails Teens at the Trails West Branch!

Barack Obama's Campaign & Presidency

These books explore Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaign and the initial days of his presidency.

Survival & Rescue in Poland during the Holocaust

These nonfiction books tell the personal stories of Holocaust survivors and their rescuers in Poland.

Federal Writers' Project

The Federal Writers’ Project (FWP) helped define America and American literature by supporting literary talent during the Great Depression. These books include explorations of the history of the FWP, writings and narratives from the FWP, and a select list of writers who worked for the FWP.

African American Women Children's Book Illustrators: Beauty on the Page

This pig has a passion for pretty pictures, and here’s a special list: books illustrated by African American women. Who’s your favorite?

John Brown: Abolitionist

Learn all about John Brown, the abolitionist who rose to fame during the Bleeding Kansas years in the mid- to late-1850s, was executed for his raid on the armory at Harpers Ferry, and elevated to legend in the years that followed.

High School Football

Just in time for football season, these books examine high school football teams and the small towns they played in.

Charlie Parker: Jazz Icon

Learn all about Charlie “Bird” Parker, the Kansas City-born musician who became one of the most well-known jazz artists in America, with these books at the Library.

War & Visual Media

Visual media, such as posters and photographs, play a significant role in shaping public opinion during war. These books at the library explore that role.