Book reviews

Blue Nights by Joan Didion

Blue Nights

Blue Nights by Joan Didion is a book of memories. In 2003, Joan Didion’s daughter went into the hospital with pneumonia, eventually slipping into a coma. While her daughter was unconscious, Didion’s husband died. Within a year, Quintana had died, also.

4 Amazing Illustrated Novels for Adults

Jack Finney - Time and Again

How do we learn to read? For many, picture books are the foundation of our reading skills. We look at the illustrations and follow the stories of Harry the Dirty Dog or the Very Hungry Caterpillar or Alexander and his Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. The drawings and paintings enhance the tales told in the text running along the bottom of the pages.

God's Jury by Cullen Murphy

God's Jury

The word inquisition is bandied about as people use it to discuss persecution of one sort or another. However, the Inquisition as a historical event still has ramifications today.

Classic Review: Watership Down by Richard Adams

Watership Down

Richard Adams' classic novel Watership Down isn't just about rabbits. Tackling the big ideas, including the importance of storytelling to society, Adams weaves an adult tale of human struggle cloaked as a book about bunnies.

Every Last Secret by Linda Rodriguez

Every Last Secret

Kansas City author Linda Rodriguez offers readers a strong female protagonist, an intriguing mystery, and a local setting in her debut novel Every Last Secret.