Book reviews

Something Red by Douglas Nicholas

Something Red by Douglas Nicholas

I love stories about things that go bump in the night. There is just nothing better than entering into another world full of unknowable dangers and getting lost there.

Living with the Bomb

Bomb by Steve Sheinkin

A serendipitous (and sometimes tangential) time-travel adventure inspired by the library. It all started when I met a group of Cub Scouts and their parents down in Kirk Hall of the Central Library...

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hobbit book cover

Tolkien wrote The Hobbit as a children’s book. It provides a much less grand vision than The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but that doesn't mean it lacks seriousness or that it fails to raise some serious questions.

Holy Bones, Holy Dust by Charles Freeman

Holy Bones, Holy Dust book cover

Charles Freeman in Holy Bones, Holy Dust examines the long use and veneration of items from Biblical times and from those considered to be saints after that, an interesting perspective outside of a traditional historical narrative.

Kansas City Noir by Steve Paul, editor

Kansas City Noir

If you’re a fan of shadowy crime fiction, local authors, and well-written literature, then Kansas City Noir is a book you’ll definitely want to add to your library reading list.