Movie Quiz: Disney’s Leading Players

Here’s a quiz that should pit parents against children...and the kids actually have a better chance of winning.

Match the lead character of these Disney animated films with the title of the picture they “starred” in. And if you’re really feeling cocky, try to identify the year each film was released.


A. Basil
B. Kuzco
C. Aurora
D. Taran
E. Thomas O’Malley
F. Mowgli
G. Bernard
H. Copper
I. Ariel
J. Simba
K. Quasimodo
L. Milo
M. Kenai
N. Buck
O. Tiana
a. The Black Cauldron
b. The Rescuers
c. Brother Bear
d. The Lion King
e. Sleeping Beauty
f. The Princess and the Frog
g. Home on the Range
h. The Jungle Book
i. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
j. The Great Mouse Detective
k. The Little Mermaid
l. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
m. The Aristocats
n. The Fox and the Hound
o. The Emperor’s New Groove
1. 1959
2. 1970
3. 1986
4. 1977
5. 2001
6. 1994
7. 1985
8. 2000
9. 2003
10. 2004
11. 1989
12. 2009
13. 1981
14. 1996
15. 1967


About the Author

Robert W. Butler is a lifelong Kansas City area resident, a graduate of Shawnee Mission East High School and the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas. For several decades he was the movie editor of the Kansas City Star; he now writes a movie-themed blog at He's married to the former Ellen Vaughan; they are the proud parents of LA-based comedian, writer, director and TV personality Blair Butler. He used to be a dog person but now lives with two cats, thus demonstrating the flexibility of the human condition.

A-j-3 | B-o-8 | C-e-1 | D-a-7 | E-m-2 | F-h-15 | G-b-4 | H-n-13 | I-k-11 | J-d-6 | K-l-14 | L-i-5 | M-c-9 | N-g-10 | O-f-12