Booketology: Sweet 16 Results & Elite 8 Bracket

Round 3 has closed in Booketology, the Library’s 2012 Tournament of Books, and Round 4 has officially begun! Check the updated bracket and cast your vote in the “Elite 8” until midnight on Wednesday, March 28.

It was an epic battle, and one that anguished many fantasy lovers.

How to choose between The Fellowship of the Ring and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – two books that each launched a classic series that changed the lives of generations of readers?

As Twitter follower @SoxLoverCL put it, it was the Sophie’s Choice of book matchups.

And so, as we went into the Booketology Sweet 16, we wondered whether Harry Potter’s expelliarmus spell would dislodge the Beowulf-like grip Tolkien has held on the tournament so far. Alas for Rowling fans, Sorcerer’s Stone fell to Fellowship by a hefty margin of 39 votes.

Why so much? Theories abound. It could be because Harry Potter is still a newcomer to the world of monsters and magic that Tolkien pioneered. Or it could be that voters felt Sorcerer’s Stone by itself didn’t have what it took to penetrate Fellowship’s literary Mithril.

In any case, the people have chosen. Fellowship wins the Fantasy bracket, and Potter gets expelled.

Check out the updated bracket below, and vote in the Elite 8 through midnight on Wednesday, March 25. The Final Four begins on Thursday!

Click for printable Booketology bracket.

Vote: Booketology Round 4 (Elite 8)

Sweet 16 Highlights

  • Fantasy: Readers have chosen one book to rule all Fantasy, but will Fellowship go all the way? As J.R.R. might say, there are fell voices in the wind for the other contenders in this tournament.
  • Horror: Poe jabbed a tell-tale stake through Stoker’s bloodless heart, beating Dracula by 54 votes. But how will the master of the macabre fare against Frodo & co.?
  • Sci-Fi: Hitchhiker’s Guide rose thumb and shoulders over Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which, considering it lost by 69 votes, may as well have been Vogon poetry to Booketology voters. Now Adams’ band of intergalactic misfits must face the mighty Mockingbird.
  • Classics: To Kill a Mockingbird received more votes than any other book in this round and won by the widest margin, putting an 86-vote bullet in Gatsby’s pool floatie.
  • Romance: In the round’s closest race, Bridget Jones’s Diary darts ahead of Devil Wears Prada to claim Romance’s golden lipstick. Now Bridget must face a foe greater than even Anna Wintour …
  • Mystery: It’s no longer a mystery who the world’s greatest detective is: Sherlock Holmes, who outfoxed Hercule Poirot by 47 votes to stand atop Mystery. Romance readers will have to seriously rally to beat the man from Baker Street in the Elite 8.
  • Literature: Who knew The Road had such mileage? Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic survival (or not) story wins the Literature crown, beating Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by 27 votes.
  • Nonfiction: In Cold Blood is exactly how Capote’s classic “nonfiction novel” blasted Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil off the bracket. Now Truman’s tale of homicide in Holcomb must find a way to block The Road.

That’s the lineup for the Elite 8, and it’s also the prize package for one lucky Booketology voter, who will be chosen at random when the contest ends next week. (See the rules.)

Don’t forget submit your ballot for by midnight on Wednesday, and check back here on Thursday for the Booketology Final Four!

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