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In 732 B.C. ancient Israel was a kingdom in shambles. Its leaders and people fell into apostasy. God lifted His divine protection from the land, letting the Assyrians invade the nation. In defiance of God’s warnings and judgment, Israel vowed to rebuild their city and continue their lives in sins and idolatry.

In Isaiah 9:10, the prophet Isaiah describes Israel’s stubbornness to God’s call to repentance. But the Assyrians’ attack was just a warning, a foreshadowing of more severe things to come. 

What if history repeated itself centuries later in another country? America. In his best-selling suspense novel The Harbinger, Jonathan Cahn draws a chilling parallel between Israel’s fate and a series of major events that take place in “the most powerful country on earth.”

The Harbinger opens with a conversation between Nouriel, a journalist, and Ana Goren, a famous New York TV anchor. Nouriel has been receiving cryptic messages in the form of nine clay seals from a mysterious man—one at a time. He does not know the man’s name or his identification. The man, whom Nouriel later calls “the prophet,” appears unexpectedly at different places and times, converses with Nouriel about the mysteries, and then disappears into thin air. Nouriel needs to unravel the secrets of the Bible prophecy fast because his country’s future is at stake…

I think the most exciting aspect about this book is how the author cleverly leaves us with puzzles to solve. Each harbinger is unique and makes you ponder what its message is and how it is connected with America. There is something to think about, a jigsaw puzzle to put together. I kept turning pages for the next harbinger.

Cahn chooses the settings of his novel carefully.  As he leads us from the Empire State Building to the Hudson River, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Capitol Hill, Cahn creates fast-paced, roller-coaster narratives.

But what makes this book so engrossing are its ramifications for America’s future. Cahn builds a strong case for the book’s premise, and even though it’s written as fiction, the striking similarities between ancient Israel and America, bolstered by Cahn’s supporting evidence, are hard to ignore, even to skeptics.

The Harbinger was chosen for reading and discussion by the Inspirational Book group at Westport Library for the month of October and November. Feel free to contact me for information on joining. I welcome all comments about this popular book in the space below.

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Sukalaya Kenworthy is a senior library assistant at the Westport Branch. To join the Inspirational Book Group, e-mail her at or call 816.701.3488 for more information. The group meets the third Wednesday of the month at 4:30 p.m.

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