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Say Hello! by Rachel Isadora
A little girl has fun walking her dog and learns how to greet people in different languages

One of my favorite pastimes nowadays is to relax in a local Korean café sipping delightful boba tea and munching on savory mochi buns. As I enjoyed my meal and snacks, I usually watched people coming in and out of the restaurant speaking many different languages.

Bowing his head, the cashier greeted his customers in Korean, “An-nyeong-ha-se-yo,”which means “hello” in English. But there were staff who are from Mexico, Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam too! The café’s customers spoke different dialects and seemed to enjoy this lively, multicultural atmosphere as much as I did.

Now, let’s learn how to greet people in different languages!

Say Hello! by Rachel Isadora is a fun book with colorful collage illustrations. It is a story about a little girl named Carmelita who strolls along her culturally-diverse neighborhood with her mom and her dog, Manny. Carmelita meets many of her neighbors from different countries during her walk so she greets them in Arabic, French, Chinese, Swahili, and many other languages!

What is so fun about reading this book to kids is to see them saying “woof, woof” along with Manny the Dog. Manny is an attractive dog with shiny black fur and a bright red collar. He is as friendly as his owner and doesn’t mind exploring new things. Manny gets to eat delicious treats at the end.

I love a book with such a satisfying ending. Yummy!

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About the Author

Sukalaya Kenworthy is a youth services associate at the Central Library. In her free time, Sukalaya likes to enjoy various snacks and chat with friends from around the world.

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