Holiday Crafts: How to Make Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornaments

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Gingerbread man ornaments
Gingerbread man ornaments are easy to make and will brighten your holidays
materials for gingerbread man crafts
Tips: Use plenty of glue and choose colorful felts to make trousers

I made some of these adorable gingerbread man ornaments with the kids and for our Christmas book displays. Gingerbread man crafts are very fun to make and they made great gifts for the holiday season. Joanna (in the photos below) gave one to Nancy Stegeman (our Central youth services staff) and one to her brother and sister.

Brown cardboard paper
Poms Poms
Googly eyes
Markers or crayons
Hole puncher

How to put them together:

1. Trace a gingerbread man shape on brown cardboard paper and cut it.
2. Glue a pom pom on the face to make a gingerbread man’s nose.
3. Glue googly eyes on the face.
4. Draw a mouth, hair, eyebrows, or eyeglasses, if you want.
5. Trace gingerbread man’s pants on felt and cut them.
6. Glue the pants on the gingerbread man.
7. Cut ribbons in two pieces and glue them on as suspenders.
8. Make a hole with the hole puncher and use colorful ribbons to hang your decoration.


Bravo! Your gingerbread man decorations are done! Now you can give them out to friends and family. Don't forget to write your name and the names of the recipients on the back of your gifts. You can decorate your house and a Christmas tree with these special handmade ornaments. Have a joyful holiday!

About the Author

Sukalaya Kenworthy is a youth associate at the Central Library. Sukalaya is originally from Bangkok, Thailand.

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