More than Books: A Day at Central Youth Services

Anna Francesca Garcia, Education Librarian, demonstrates with photos of her child how the library is more than just a place full of books. Priceless!

Imagination:Story time as led by my six-year-old daughter fascinates three speechless listeners.

Socialization:The library is a place for making friends, as these two girls demonstrate.

Visualization: My daughter’s stories come to life as she uses a felt board to see what each character is doing.

Fascination: How often does one have the opportunity to climb on and slide down a friend like Bluebell the cow? My daughter loves doing this, which explains her shoeless state in the other photographs.

About the Author

Anna Francesca Garcia is the Education Librarian for the Kansas City Public Library. She has worked in libraries in Nevada and Missouri for nine years. She has been a mom for six and a half years. However, her time as a library patron dates back much further than that. The Plaza Branch was her main location as a youngster, back in the days when put-together animals and turtle-viewing were among the non-reading activities that she enjoyed.

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