Rock the Block: Duplo Jams Comes to the Library

Like a younger (and bigger) brother to Lego, Duplo has stacked its way into kids’ playrooms for decades. At twice the size of their Lego counterparts, Duplo blocks are safe toys for getting pre-schoolers’ imaginations fired up.

On Thursday morning, August 18, 2011, you’re invited to bring your child to the Kansas City Public Library for a special Duplo party that will feature music, activities, and lots of building up.

Duplo Jams is a traveling program with a musical component to enhance creativity and learning in the five-and-under set.

The hourlong program consists of two 15-minute play periods where song leaders guide children through activities. The rest of the hour will be given to group play and individual free building, all set to music.

If you want to sample the hot jams, head over to the Lego/Duplo Facebook page and rock out to songs like “Summer Heat” and “Build with Letters.” You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Duplo Jams will begin at 10 a.m. on Thursday, August 18, 2011, in the Children’s Library, on the second floor of the Central Library, 14. W. 10th St. Admission is free.

This program was designed entirely by Lego/Duplo, and the Library is only serving as host. Feel free to call Central Youth Services at 816-701-3441 if you have questions.