Seasons Meanings!

It’s that time of the year in Kansas City again!...

The time of year where we throw coats in the back seat just because we never quite know how the day is going to end. The weather is changing, and just like it, we too begin to prepare for the coming days. Here are three wonderful books for young readers that revolve around setting, nature, and the changing of seasons.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert is a kind story told from the perspective of a young nameless narrator about a leaf saved from their favorite sugar maple tree. We meet the tree on its journey from twirling seed, to sprouted roots, to delivery at the garden center. Through this simple story, the tree is whisked into an experience of natural elements like weather changing and even animal encounters from squirrels and birds. What is also great about this book is that there are little facts, words, and titles for objects, animals and other things written along their corresponding illustrations. Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf is a great book for the fall, and for any young readers interested in planting a tree and/or tending a garden.

Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson is a great visual display of the season’s magical effects on a tree. We begin with a bare, leafless tree, and on each page the author is asking the reader to affect the tree, by rubbing, wriggling or tapping the illustrations. Then, as you follow each instruction, tap each tree, and turn each page there is a little bit added to the tree each time! Adding leaves, apples, and changing colors, the tree does it all! There are even some fun critters around and about. Tap the Magic Tree is a good, fun look at a trees transformation throughout the seasons. It is clever for its reader involvement, clear and supportive in its visual sequencing.

Everyone knows its winter, including the rabbit…
Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons by Il Sung Na is about Rabbit and all the other animals of the forest as they prepare and adjust for the coming winter season. From birds that fly south for the winter, to bears cozying up for hibernation, Rabbit explores the lives of numerous animals and their instinctual rituals for the winter. With beautiful illustrations and amazing color, Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit, illustrates that we all make changes in preparation for the winter, even our cool animal friends!

Stay Warm.

About the Author

Shaun Teamer

Shaun Teamer is a creator and storyteller. He enjoys drawing, reading, animating and shooting videos. Shaun is currently a youth associate at the Kansas City Central Library.

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