Whimsical Characters

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Turkey Tot
Will Turkey Tot find a way to get juicy snacks for his hungry pals?
Freddy the Frogcaster
Freddy is a young and famous meteorologist in his hometown
Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
Pete the Cat makes the impossible possible during Christmas time

I have been searching high and low for new children’s books with whimsical characters. I really want to read books with protagonists who make me laugh, maybe not out loud and startle people near me (in the library!), but chuckle a bit and keep me in a good mood throughout the day.

The World English Dictionary defines “whimsical” as “quaint, unusual, or fantastic.” Have you ever read books with characters who do something unusual but fun and successful? Sometimes they find a way to solve a problem that is different than their friends, but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong. They are just being creative!

Turkey Tot by George Shannon

Turkey Tot, Chick, Pig, and Hen come across juicy blackberries but they are too high to reach. What will the friends and Turkey Tot do? Will they give up and walk away from the juicy treat? But wait! Turkey Tot has an idea as he finds a ball of strings. Chick, Pig, and Hen think it’s impossible to tie a string to a balloon and fly. With determination, Turkey Tot trots around the farm and finds hammer and nails and other tools to create a perfect invention.

Children will love this heartwarming story that features farm animals and beautiful watercolor illustrations. Turkey Tot is perfect to read with children at home or in a story time setting. I truly admire Turkey Tot’s unique personality. He is so adorable!

Freddy the Frogcaster by Janice Dean “the Weather Machine”

Freddy, a young frog, enjoys observing all types of weather. Freddy’s mom says that Freddy was born to be a “frogcaster.” When he was a tadpole, Freddy’s first word was “rain” and he watched the famous meteorologist, Sally Croaker, on TV every morning. Freddy’s parents give him weather books and tools and help him set up a makeshift weather station in the backyard.

The Leapfrog Picnic is just a week away. The whole town depends on accurate forecasts to organize a perfect picnic. However, Sally Croaker is on maternal leave and her replacement is not doing a good job. With help from the mayor, Freddy pitches in to help the town. Will Freddy’s forecasts save the town from a disaster?

This book is written by Janice Dean, aka “the Weather Machine,” a meteorologist for the Fox News Channel. After reading this book, children will learn more about this interesting career. At the end of the book, there is a glossary of weather-related terms.

I will never see frogs the same way again after reading Freddy the Frogcaster!

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by James Dean

Santa asks Pete the Cat to deliver gifts for him since Santa has a cold just right before Christmas. Pete the Cat says “I’ll do it!” even though it is hard work and he has never done it before. Pete just doesn’t want to disappoint the townsfolk.

Pete the Cat fans, young and old, will enjoy seeing Pete the Cat driving a red minibus pulled by reindeer and Pete the Cat in a Santa suit. The whole town is touched by Pete the Cat’s hard work and generosity. Whimsical and fun, this book teaches kids about the importance of giving and helping others.

About the Author

Sukalaya Kenworthy is a youth services associate at the Central Library. In her free time, Sukalaya likes to read funny books in both English and Thai languages.

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