Be Yourself: Books About Uniqueness

With a world of unique individuals and experiences, it’s great to know that we can always explore and depend upon a variety of creative stories to reflect real world situations and garner different perspectives. Here are three great books about uniqueness, differences, and expressing your individuality.

By Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Now, I know what you’re thinking, "that chicken has arms!"
Henny is a tale about a chicken born with human arms. Henny notices right away that she isn’t exactly like other chickens. Sometimes Henny loves her arms, sometimes not so much. Henny tries to seem normal and stay positive, but it’s hard ignoring the laughs of the other animals. Through chance, Henny’s arms turn out to be incredibly helpful! Henny soon realizes that her arms are great and can do many awesome things. Get past the idea of human arms on a chicken, and you’ve got a wonderful story for anyone who has ever felt a little out of place. A useful tool for a child learning to figure out the things they are good at, with the self they have been given.

Some Bugs
By Angela Diterlizzi, Illustrated By Brendan Wenzel

Some Bugs is a literal look at just that. Some hopping, hiding, swimming, gliding bugs. Some Bugs is a delightful look at some unique, special, and interesting bugs. Some bugs build and some bugs sing, some bugs do all kinds of different things. All these fun, colorful bugs display their many talents from page to page of eye popping visual adventure. A great story for connecting differences to an equivalent and understandable cast of critters. The combination of flow, and design of text, with wonderful corresponding art is sure to be a new favorite for many.

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great
By Bob Shea

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great… is actually more about Goat. Things have been a lot different since Unicorn showed up. Unicorn has the best prance moves, his magic skills are untouchable, and to top it all off, he makes it rain cupcakes. Hmpf. Goat can’t follow that! Or can he? Turns out that Goat can do things that Unicorn cannot do. Goat can make goat cheese, climb mountains, and head butt a soccer ball! It seems that Goat and Unicorn both have special talents. Little did Goat know, Unicorn thinks Goat is pretty great! A useful tool for anyone trying to figure out their own strengths, and possibly strengths they’ve had all along. In the end it’s important to be yourself; someone else might think that you’re pretty great too.

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