I don’t feeeeeeel well!

When the leaves fall from the trees and the weather turns chilly, it’s not just time to pull out your coats and mittens. It’s cold and flu season, too. Coughing! Sneezing! Sore throat! Stuffy head! Fever! Oh, no, you’re SICK! The best way that I can think of to battle winter yuckiness is to snuggle in bed with a box of tissues, a nice warm cup of chicken soup, and a great book. I found some fact books about what happens in your body when you have a cold or the flu and some story books that are sure to make you giggle to help you forget how rotten you feel.

Bear’s friends want nothing better than for him to come out and play, but Bear feels AWFUL. He’s achy, hot, and worn out, but nothing seems to help. Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson will sound familiar to toddlers, preschoolers, and younger kids who are stuck in bed feeling bad. Bear’s friends want to help him feel better, so they take good care of him until he finally falls asleep for a curative nap. Little does Bear know that he’ll get to return the favors sooner than he might have expected!

Little kids and those new to reading on their own know that sometimes you feel a bit crummy, but there are still so many fun things to do that it’s hard to rest quietly. Little Critter is excited to stay home from school, but not so much to stay in bed being Just a Little Sick. Mercer Mayer’s familiar illustrations will soothe achy heads and comfort tired bodies to sleep. Just like Little Critter, soon you’ll be ready to go back to school for some fun, too!

Did you know that the things that make you sick are so teeny tiny that we can’t see them without a special helper called a microscope? Germs! Germs! Germs! by Bobbi Katz is a great pick for younger elementary kids who like to read by themselves or for littler kids who like to have a bigger friend read to them. Not only do you get to read about the nearly invisible nasties that make you feel gross, you get to learn how to be a great enemy to bad germs everywhere! The pictures aren’t exactly what you’d see if you looked at a flu virus under that helpful microscope, but they sure show germs to be the tiny monsters that they are!

Jordan feels yucky, but you know what he thinks is the absolute worst about being sick? As toddlers and preschools are sure to agree, it’s BEING BORED. In Jordan’s Silly Sick Day by Justine Fontes, Jordan gets creative with his imagination while he fights off the yucky germs that got him sick. When you can’t play with your friends, it’s great to find a way to entertain yourself. Things get a little bit silly in Jordan’s room, but he finds that he’s feeling better in no time!

When I’m Sick is a good fact-filled book for younger kids who want to know the down and dirty on what makes people sick. Germs give the kids in the book nasty things like the flu, a cold, and the chicken pox. Fevers, chills, sore throats, and itchy bumps make them feel rotten and keep them inside, away from the fun of playing with their friends. But they know that the brave white blood cells in their bodies, along with some homemade chicken soup, will have them feeling better in no time! Besides describing some of the symptoms caused by viruses and bacteria and how the body fights back, this book gives some helpful information about how to prevent getting sick in the first place.

Big brothers and sisters who read well on their own might especially enjoy soothing sick younger siblings with Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? by Amy Hest. Sam tries all sorts of ways to avoid taking the gross tasting medicine that will help his cough, but his mama finally convinces him with a special wintry promise. What helps your yucky, but helpful, medicine go down?

Big kids who read confidently and are into science will love Your Body Battles a Cold by Vicki Cobb. “The superheroes of your body” that tirelessly fight off the germs that make you sick are in the spotlight in this cool book. Funny drawings and real pictures taken with special microscopes help bring the facts alive before your very eyes. Maybe the next time you have the flu or a cold, you can picture the brave and heroic cilia, mucus, and special cells that are working hard to get you back in good shape.

Advanced readers will be all over The Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie: A Book about Germs just like white blood cells all over an intruding virus! Just like in other books in the series, the scientific minds of Ms. Frizzle’s class are ready and willing to get to the bottom of any mystery on their trusty yellow Magic School Bus. This time, classmate Ralphie hasn’t come to school on a very important day—he’s supposed to be hosting a live TV show on the school’s Frizzle News Network! What on earth could have made him stay away when he was supposed to come up with an interesting and exciting news story to lead the broadcast? The students in Ms. Frizzle’s class won’t rest until they’ve found the answer to Ralphie’s absence.

These great books about being sick might not take away your aches and pains, but after reading them you’ll definitely understand why you feel so crummy in the first place. Have a nice bowl of chicken soup, keep the tissues handy, and you’ll surely feel better before you know it. When you do, we’ll see you at the Library!

by Melissa Horak-Hern, Plaza Kid Corner Associate