Coming Soon: Library E-books for Kindles

Kansas City Public Library cardholders will soon be able to check out e-books for the Amazon Kindle. Within the next week, the Library’s e-books catalog will be outfitted with Kindle-friendly downloadable e-books that also work on any device, such as a smartphone or PC, that is equipped with a free Kindle app.

Though Nooks, iPads, and other supported devices have long been compatible with public library e-books, Amazon’s Kindle — the most popular e-reader on the market — had famously not. That’s why e-reader fans’ ears perked up earlier this year when OverDrive, the library world’s biggest provider of downloadable e-books and digital audiobooks, announced an impending deal with Amazon to be finalized later in the year.

That time has finally come, and OverDrive is working quickly to convert its client public and school libraries with Kindle-formatted e-books – at no cost to libraries or patrons. Expect the Kansas City Public Library’s OverDrive e-books catalog to be updated within the next few days.

How Will It Work?
Though we haven’t had a chance to test it yet, the process for downloading Kindle e-books from the Library looks like it will be fairly straightforward. The e-books will work on all Kindle models (3, DX, 2 and 1) and on platform apps such as the Kindle Cloud Reader. All you’ll need is a Library card and a free account. For those already familiar with downloading our e-books, note that the process with regard to Kindles does not involve Adobe Digital Editions software. (More about downloading e-books.)


  • Visit our OverDrive collection at
  • Browse or search for an e-book.
  • Click the “Get for Kindle” button. This opens the website. You may be required to sign in with your account if you are not already logged on. (Sign up for a free account.)
  • Select a Kindle device or Kindle reading app. Click the “Get library book” button and sync your device or app to download the book, or choose to send it directly to your Kindle via USB.
  • You can also deliver e-books wirelessly to your Wi-Fi-enabled Kindle.

For more details, read OverDrive’s official press release and Amazon’s Kindle lending page.

Update, Sept. 28, 2011: Kindle e-books are now available. To get started, visit our e-reader tutorial page.

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About the Author

Jason Harper is the web content guy at the Kansas City Public Library. A former journalist, he has been tweeting, Facebooking, blogging, and YouTubing for the Library since 2010.