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Know Your Librarians: Sue Sanders Has Room for Compassion

Sue Sanders

Kansas City atheists may not believe in God, but they definitely believe in Sue Sanders.  Find out how our meeting room scheduler is making connections all over the city.

The 2012 Publitzer Prize for Fiction Winner Announced

Publitzer Medal

 The readers have spoken. Voting in the finals for the 2012 Publitzer Prize for Fiction has closed, and a worthy novel has been democratically awarded the highest prize in mock American literary awards. Where the real Pulitzer Prize committee left off, you, the public, picked up.

Alphabet KC Contest Results: A Red-Letter Day

O - by @bigcomedown

You found them in the beaches, you found them on the streets. You even found them in your school. The Alphabet KC scavenger hunt to capture photos of letter-shaped objects found around town is over, and the submissions have been dazzling.

Cast Your Vote for the 2012 Publitzer Prize for Fiction

Publitzer Prize

You nominated, the experts judged, and now it's time to vote. It’s been a fast and rollicking road to the final lineup in the first ever Publitzer Prize for Fiction – the Kansas City Public Library’s democratically driven answer to the real Pulitzer committee’s inability to award a prize for fiction for 2012.

The 2012 Publitzer Prize: Your Nominations

Publitzer Prize

As our jurors prepare to hunker down and choose the finalists for  the first-ever "Publitzer" Prize for Fiction, it’s time to share what books you, the public, nominated.

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