Book Review: Marvel’s Runaways Series

Marvel's Runaways
Six normal teens find their world is not so normal in Marvel's Runaways

Now who says teens can’t save the world? ...

With super hero movies, stories and media on the rise, it seems only appropriate to talk about a couple of the universes bravest, mightiest… and um, youngest heroes.

In Marvel’s Runaways, a series of graphic novels written in majority by Brian K. Vaughan, six normal teens find their world is not so normal when they discover their parents are super villains part of an evil society! With their parents now aware and on their trail, The Runaways band together to search for clues, motives and history about their parents and their evil plot so they can figure out how to stop them! Along the way, they make new friends and enemies, uncover wild secrets, and not only learn more about each other, but themselves. There are even some wonderful cameos from some of your favorite super heroes like Iron Man, Captain America and many more.

Written with wonderful suspense, mystery, and twists, Marvel’s Runaways will keep you wanting to know what happens next to our courageous young heroes. It just goes to show you, it doesn’t matter where we come from; we make our own destinies and create our own paths.

Find the hero inside of you, and catch up on some of the Marvel’s Runaways series, printed in assorted Volumes and comics books.

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Shaun Teamer

Shaun Teamer is a creator and storyteller. He enjoys drawing, reading, animating and shooting videos. Shaun is currently a youth associate at the Kansas City Central Library.

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