Envy - Teen Book Review

Envy by Robin Wasserman

Welcome to Grace, California...Home of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Harper still wants Adam and Kane still wants Beth for some reason.. They each get so desperate that they ask for help from the goddess of Lust herself...Kaia. Kane still wants to try it his way before he goes THAT far. Seniors have SAT's so he enlists the help of the smartest girl he knows...Beth. Soon they’re hanging out for more than just studying. Miranda is still determined to get Kane, even while he's fawning over Beth. But how? She's nothing like his type of bimbo but hey it wouldn't hurt to try to play the part. Would it?

And Adam is getting jealous and starts hanging out with Harper more and more. Then when Beth gets kissed by her new French teacher that changes everything in her world but she still doesn’t tell anyone. Meanwhile Kaia is still after the sexy new French teacher doing anything she can, wearing the skimpiest outfits even getting into trouble to stay after to try to seduce him but nothing works with this guy. When it starts looking like Beth isn’t going to leave Adam for Kane he gives in to Kaia's plan to fake a kiss between Kane and "Beth" but really Kane was Kissing Harper. After the pictures are taken they stick them in Adam's locker and finally Adam and Beth break up.

As Kane "Consoles" Beth, Harper moves in to take Adam for herself after all these years Harper finally gets what she wants. Then at Kaia's New year's party Kane gets drunk and spills all their secrets and even worse Both Adam and Beth hear. Kane gets punched and Harper loses everything she loves then falls into a deep depression. Will Harper snap out of it and get back to being Queen or will the Queen get replaced?

Robin Wasserman is back with the sequel to Lust: Envy. They all want relationships with someone who is unavailable and are willing to do anything, and hurt anyone, to achieve their goal. Honor and trust are unimportant and the cruelty shown to best friends is really surprising. Readers who like a fast-paced, soap-opera-style novel will l-o-v-e this compelling and frightening look into what teens today are talking about and dealing with. The book follows a distinct plot so the reader can pick up here or start with the first book. Most authors and papers call this book a total "guilty pleasure."

Reviewed by Min - Age 14

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