Falling Under - Teen Book Review

Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

For you my heart and soul to take....

Theia Alderson is a quiet girl from the UK living in a small California town. But living in her creepy Victorian Style house she always has these weird dreams. First it starts with the "Burning man". He falls out of the sky and lands on her father’s perfectly manicured grass and burns it. Then a bonfire with lively skeletons. Then she meets this mystery man dressed in Victorian clothing. Then the next day sees him at her school and her knees go weak.... Who is he and why is he in her dreams?

Hayden is not from this world. He doesn’t belong here but saw her and wanted her so bad it makes his whole body hurt. Him being in this world wreaks havoc and causes disruptions...but he wants to meet her.

He knows he can't then he won’t be able to control his self, she should hate him, yeah, that’s the best thing for her to do. But she keeps coming to him and inviting him in.
For Theia it’s even harder to ignore him seeing as though every night they see each other in their dreams and he still reveals nothing. He beckons to her in their eerie fantasy world and in the "real world" pushes her away and treats her as another outcast. Her pull toward him is stronger than her fear. If she can resist it might just save her life.

Follow this twisting love story as you get a feel of many different emotions. Scary, lush romance and unbreakable friendship. You'll be captivated as this novel yanks you to the edge of your seat and changes your emotions at the snap of a finger. You'll feel the pain and the happiness shift in the blink of an eye.

Gwen Hayes weaves a tale so mystical you can't tell where the dream ends and the reality begins.... Personally I didn’t like that it ended with such a freaking cliff hanger.
Hopefully she comes out with a sequel to this mystical book.

Reviewed by Min - Age 14

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