Hearts At Stake - Teen Book Review

Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey

Meet Solange...A soon to be vampire and the only girl vampire to be born, not made. And being born the Drake family, the most powerful vampire clan in the world,she's surrounded by danger and even though she has her seven brothers and her parents to keep her safe, will it be enough? All her life she's known that she'll change on her 16th birthday but with danger and "suitors" lurking around every corner will she want to? But one night that all changes when her family captures a Helios-Ra,Vampire hunter, named Kieran and she starts falling for him. But when he escapes and she is called to court, everyone goes on high alert including her best friend Lucy...

Meet Lucy...Solange's best friend and probally the only human that is almost immune to vampire pheromones, which is what makes vamps so irresistable. For Lucy hanging out with the Drakes is a part of life. But with The Drakes nothing is normal. But when Solange is kidnapped she has to focus on saving her best friend instead of Solange's hot older brother Nicholas. But with all the distractions of Helios-Ra trying to recruit her, Nicholas and oh yeah every vampire and vampire hunter after you, your best friend and her family how can she focus entirely on saving Sol?

Soon, almost everybody is captured and the Vampire "queen" is waiting for Solange to die. Will they all be able to survive the bloodthirsty ruling class at the royal court or will they die?

In Hearts at Stake Alyxandra Harvey combines danger, romance, and action together in the first novel of The Drake Chronicles. It ranks up into the royalty of The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead and The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. When you first crack the cover your first thought is...it's going to be an exact copy of Stephanie Meyer. When you open it you're hit with abnormal teenage life but by the second page you get dragged deep into the life of an overprotected vampire girl.

As you delve deeper and deeper into this seductive vampire story you experience at least three emotions at a time. And me as an Avid Vampire lover :) I really, really enjoyed it. Even in the midst of danger and trouble you still get the small hint of romance from Lucy and Nicholas and the sense of protection from the rest of her family. And the dark humor that Solange adds. Its puts a whole new spin on what you once knew in the teenage vampire romance drama's. Even for a debut writer she's soon going to be quickly climbing up into the ranks of Vampire royalty. This books motto is "How do you resist a vampires kiss?" but the real question is can you?

Reviewed by Min - Age 14

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