Learn EVERYTHING for free!

Did you know that in addition to all of the FREE resources to help you learn provided by the Kansas City Public Library, there are also some amazing free resources online? Check out all of these websites!

Coursera.org – Here you can take the same courses that they are taking at the top universities in the country for FREE!

Ted.com - Watch these inspirational videos highlighting great ideas that you should know about.

Snopes.com - Ever seen something on the internet but wasn't sure if it was true or not? Snopes debunks all the common internet myths.

Duolingo.com - If you want to learn a new language now you can do it through social media with your friends! Gain XP and level up your skills!

Gutenberg.org - The oldest online depository of free public domain ebooks.

Wikihow.com - Learn how to do EVERYTHING!

These websites should teach you just about everything you've ever wanted to learn! But if that's not enough, we have a few more that you might not have heard of!

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