A Long, Long Sleep - Teen Book Review

A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan.

In this bittersweet and beautiful retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Sheehan weaves a riveting sci-fi fairytale story that makes you fall in love with the characters and remember them way after you finish the book. It combines heart-breaking emotion that amazes you and revolts you at the same time. The story begins with Rose, A princess to a major company that owns the world and a girl locked in her own dreams. But she's been locked in her dreams so long that she doesn't know when to wake up. As the story goes she,of course, gets "awakened" with a kiss. The modern day twist is that she finds herself sixty-two years into the future with her life more changed and shaken up than ever.

Her parents are both dead...and her boyfriend is dead as well. But waking up and coming back isn't easy. There are paparazzi, a new school, a dark past and maybe even a dark future for "Briar Rose". But with the help of her friends Otto and Bren, maybe she can figure out why her parents left her in a deep sleep and why nobody bothered looking for her. This story takes so many unexpected twists and turns it feels like you're in a briar bush undecided about where to go. Normally as a reader I don't like Sci-Fi books but This had fairytale and a just a little handful of science fiction. It kind of makes you think about what if our future turns out like this? For a debut novelist Anna Sheehan excels in what she does, I'm looking forward to more from her.
I give this a 5 out of 5. Seriously, a great novel.

Reviewed by Sky - Age 14


great book!!

great book!!

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