Lust- Teen Book Review

Lust by Robin Wasserman

Welcome to Grace California. Home to the Seven Deadly Sins.

Harper Grace is the local It-Girl in Grace, California. Well That is until Kaia Sellers moves to town from New York City. She's beautiful and wanted, she could easily take Harper's spot as queen of Grace High School. She quickly becomes Haper's enemy and a spot on her most hated list. But numero uno would easily be Beth. Boring, bland Beth.

Beth Feels so happy. She's going out with the town hero. The All-American Boy and Sports Hero, Adam. The perfect and ideal boyfriend. And Harper thinks so too. He's her best friend, so he should be going out with Harper. Right? Wrong.
Playboy Kane Wants Beth. The sweet, All-American girl. Can the Beauty tame the Beast?
Miranda is seriously in love with Kane. Even though he's out of her league, it can't hurt to admire from afar right?
And Kaia? She's wants everything in between and that includes the new French Teacher Jack Powell.

They're all so desprate that they team up together to get what they want. Kane wants Beth who's going out with Adam. And Harper wants Adam who's going out with Beth. Kaia wants Jack who's a teacher. Miranda wants Kane who's a player. Kane, Harper and even Kaia team up together to get who and what they want. But will The end results be what they expect or will someone get hurt in the process? Will this fire cool down? Or will someone get burned? Want to know more? Commit.

Lust is a twist. A Teen days of our lives, you could call it. It'll draw you in and entice. You'll want to put it down but you won't be able to. Mostly it targets grades 9 and up. It contains the same Drama that draws you to the Desprate house wives. The Same Gossip that sucks you into Cecily von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl. And the same Treachery that draws you to Cecily von Ziegesar's It-Girl. Still A really great read. And guess what...This is only the first book. Commit to the Seven Deadly Sins.

Reviewed by Min - Age 14

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