Miss Black America - Teen Book Review

Miss Black America by Veronica Chambers

Miss Black America is a story about a girl named Angela who is growing up in Brooklyn during the 1970's when black pride was strong. Her life is good, she has a loving father and a loving mother. But one day she coms home from school and finds her mother gone. It's after this moment that her whole life falls apart.

She spends almost every waking moment wondering Why? Why did she leave us? Where? Where did she go? What? What did she leave our Family for? But with her mother gone her magician father must raise her...alone.

He also keeps her mothers disapearance a secet. As Angela matures into a more independent woman she still struggles over why her mother left their family In this heart moving novel Chambers tells about what it's like to live in a world of trouble and of hope. The sensations and situations of this book will get under your skin in more ways than one.

Reviewed by Sky - Age 14

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