New Web Site - New Teens Section

Finally, you say! The teens of KC now have a library web page just for them. Check back often to view updates and add your content to the page.

  • Add your comments to the blog entries (TIDE KC)
  • Share your thoughts via poetry, essays, lyrics, stories (Quills)
  • Showcase your art through painting, drawing, photography (Gallery)
  • Listen to podcasts created by teens at the branches of the library
  • Find some great new books to read or listen to through CDs or downloads
  • Discover new movies to check out on your library card
  • And, even get some guides for your homework!
Crystal Faris avatar

Let us know what you think about the new site. What do you like? What needs to be changed? Right now send comments to Crystal Faris at I'm the Director of Teen Services for the library and ready to read your thoughts!


new teen section at Central

The new teen section in the Central is cool. It has lots of space, computers, tables, and the design is pretty cool. But, I don't think I will be going there very often anymore, because there is only one shelf of books! All of the fiction books are being kept in a big back room that is locked. How are kids supposed to read if they can't browse the shelves for something interesting? I think the entire children's section is too empty, and the books need to be open for people to browse and look for. When I come into a library, I don't know what I want to read, instead I simply look on the shelves for something interesting. With the new teen section, I can't do that.

not that big of a fan

Having a teen webpage is a great idea, but this page doesn't seem like much of a teen webpage, honestly. The design needs an update so that it doesn't look like something my grandmother designed, and the things posted on here need to attract teens to the library, not inform them of what has already transpired. Teenagers aren't going to check a site that tells them what has already taken place. That isn't their thing. The blog needs some work.


This is super cool. I'm still a teen-ager, but I don't have homework like most kids my age. That's because I'm going for my GED. I was wondering if you know are there any good places on-line to help someone like me?

ye old library

i love the library i have so many memories at that place some good some bad
i like the website it is cool it is a way better way to reach out to the teens that attend to the library and its meetings. lookin forward to goin this thursday see ya.

-Jonny Fikes

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