Platinum- Teen Book Review

Platinum by Aliya S. King

Ever wanted to know what your favorite rappers' lives are about? PLATINUM lets you into the lives of five of those rappers’ wives. Beth Saddlebroook is the wife of famous rap artist Z. Her life is perfect right? I mean with all that money and the Huge crib she has to be happy right? Wrong. Instead of living it up she's trying to save her husband from himself AND give him what he wants all at the same time. And at the same time her oldest son is trying to make a name for himself as an artist but will his abusive girlfriend and druggie father ruin his way to the top?

Beth can feel her family drifting away slowly. Can she deal with all the baby mama drama that Z stirs up at every town he tours at or will she crack? At this point Beth can only count on one person, her best friend Kipenzi Hill. Kipenzi Hill is a famous R&B artist. She's been managed by Puffy and Sung with Biggie. But at 30 years old she's tired of all the running from the paparazzi and getting mobbed and never having any privacy and just wants to retire. But with her best friend in trouble and everybody pressuring her will she get the rest she really wants?

Josephine Bennett is the wife of Jamaican singer and Überproducer Ras Bennett, but is it wrong that she wants to have her own fame? She doesn’t want to only be famous by who her husband is. So she creates her line of wedding dresses and it is poppin'. She gets everything she wants, every major wife-to-be is asking her to design them a dress. And its there in her office where she means Cleopatra "Cleo" Wright.

Cleopatra Wright is a home wrecking groupie. She's had an affair with practically every man in the music business, young and old. Now she's writing about every one of them. She's got proof and she's not afraid to show it. And she doesn’t care whose life it ruins.

And Alex Maxwell is a famous ghostwriter following the lives of these rappers’ wives and girlfriends even though she's on the verge of becoming one herself and ghostwriting for Cleo Wright’s book. Can she keep it together for the finish?

More importantly can the women keep their lives together to make it Platinum?

Following the lives of real artists today like Jay and Beyonce and even Rhianna and Chris. Platinum leaves you with plenty of cliff hangers and interesting plots. Still it's an entertaining read with plenty of betrayal, drama, and tragedy it'll be an easy page turner for teen readers.

Reviewed by Carissa - Age 14

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