Rango- Teen Movie Review

Mystery, romance, suspense, animated talking chameleons. Yes it is true. Recently I saw one of the most oddly, yet satisfying animated films since last summer. Mix in some beautiful colors and the tongue and cheek references to other movies; Rango is well worth the ticket price.

Rango tells the story of a chameleon (Johnny Depp) who lives a simple life in his tank, until one fateful day, his life changes in an instant when he is accidently lost in the Mojave Desert. Being the house pet he is, he finds it hard to cope with the new surroundings for five whole minuets. Making his journey to wherever the next place could be, a group of owl mariachi players, narrate the story of the desert journey.

When the chameleon (he is nameless for about the first twenty minutes) finally finds a fellow lizard that takes him to the town of Dirt (seems humble enough), he must prove himself a “tuff guy” and earn respect from the citizens. I think plot wise, it is a good place to stop because going on, would give away most of the mystery surrounding what this movie is about. Let me just say, water and power play a key role in the mystery of the town of Dirt.

In my opinion, Johnny Depp can do possibly anything that comes his way. He knows how to take characters written on paper, or in this case drawn, and turn it into something unique.

The scenery is visually brilliant, and for a while it felt as if the whole backdrop of cacti, cars, cities, were actual things, with hilarious animation thrown in. Now if you decide to go and watch this movie, make sure you stay for the credits and see who is in the cast because throughout the whole movie I just wanted to know who the heck embodied the animal he or she played!

Reviewed by Christian - Age 16