Teen Review: Indigo Spell

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Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

Teen Reviewer: Khamedriah Grimes

Action. Drama. Confusion? This book has the action of twists and turns and back slides, and the drama of wanting to figure out why. But there also may be some things that get you saying, “Huh?" Confused? Let me explain.

In this book three of the Bloodlines series, Sydney is beginning to figure out the secrets and lies the Alchemists are hiding under their appearances. She finds out there is one who has left the Alchemist and is in deep hiding. He is the leader of the rebellious group to be free of their compulsion and control. They meet and he realizes she can be a great add on. The catch? She must leave the Alchemist and change her golden lily tattoo to an indigo tribal one. As that’s going on, she begins to slowly embrace her new found “skills” for magic and must face a witch who is stealing young girls' youth and magic.

Now how about that Adrian? Adrian the Moroi who wields Spirit has caught feelings for dear Sydney. He’s confessed and has been denied. But will the third time (book) be the charm? Will Sydney stop the witch? Will she go against the Alchemist?

Indigo Spell is the third book of the Bloodlines series. Please read book 1, Bloodlines, and book 2, the Golden Lily, first. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

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