Throwing Like A Girl - Teen Book Review

Throwing Like A Girl by Mackey, Weezie.

When Ella suddenly transfers from her Chicago hometown to Dallas, Texas, she feels alien in her new private school. With her clunky Midwestern clothes she feels like she doesn't even compare to the girls in flowing skirts that go to Spring Valley Day School. And without her friends to help guide her she feels so lost. But then on an impulse she decides to try out for the softball team, and she makes it!

During the Pre-Season Ella learns alot about herself and who she really is on the inside. During Regular Season she learns more about her friends and learns more about how to be comfortable with herself and stand up.

And as Softball changes her life for good and for the bad she has to learn how to be herself even when most of the girls at SVD are giving her the evil eye. But with her news friends to support her she learns that being yourself is probably the greatest thing you can ever do.

Weezie Kerr Mackey is so brilliant in this book. I mean there are no words. I read this book in a day, literally. It was actually that good. She weaves the story of a girl who,through softball, is learning how to find herself and be who she wants to be.
And as a Softball player, it rocked to feel like youre totally in the game and you totally feel like you're there at practice sweating in the hot at satans domain heat of texas.

And she defines the defenition of actually THROWING LIKE A GIRL, and who said thats a bad thing?

Reviewed by Sky - Age 14

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