Warped - Teen Book Review

Warped by Maurissa Guibord

Tessa Brody lives with her father above their bookstore. When her father decides he need more books for their bookstore they go to an auction where they buy four boxes of books and one extra. Inside that box were a tapestry and a book with the words TEXO VITA on it. Tessa convinced her father to let her keep the tapestry and the book so she hung the tapestry in her bedroom wall.

The tapestry had a unicorn running in a forest with a scratch on its cheek that was bloody on it. When Tessa touched the unicorns bloody cheek she had some sort of vision or something and she saw a girl that looked just like her running in a forest and a handsome man named William de Chaucy looking for her.

Yes, Tessa had a past life and she felt like she knew the unicorn in the tapestry some how. And since she first touched the tapestry she kept having these weird dreams where this guy William de Chaucy got changed into a unicorn by an old lady named Gray Lily and she put him in her tapestry.

Gray Lily stole the threads to make the tapestry from the Norn, or the Fates as we know them, and they are looking for it. And because of Gray Lily now the Wyrd, the threads of all human life, is now messed up and someone has to fix it. So they find Tessa and make her fight Gray Lily and give the tapestry and all seven lives back, or else.

When Gray Lily, now named Lillian Gerome, wants to leave the U.S. and go back to England she realizes that her tapestry and book are gone she orders her “assistant” to go and find it immediately.

But when the Gray lily’s assistant finally arrives at Tessa’s house it’s to late William de Chaucy is now released from the tapestry, Tessa somehow released him.
Will Tessa give the tapestry back? Or will she stage a robbery and lie? Will Gray Lily put William de Chaucy back in the tapestry? Or will her life be completely warped by the Fates?

If you want to find out more than it’s your destiny to get Warped by Maurissa Guibord!

Reviewed by Roda - Age 17

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