Wither - Teen Book Review

Wither by Lauren DeStefano

In this future everyone knows exactly when they die. Boys live to age 25 and girls live to age 20. In this future young girls are kidnapped to keep the human race from going extinct. When Rhine is 16 she is taken by the Gatherers and gets married in wealth and luxury. While it might sound great, to Rhine it's like prison. Yes her husband loves her genuinely and she has her sister wives, but she really wants to escape and find her twin brother to go home.

But escaping isn't as easy as it sounds...

Her father in law is hell bent on finding a cure for the virus that's infecting the people. Will Rhine escape or will she be stuck in this house for the last 4 years of her life?

Wither tells the story of escape and longing. DeStefano writes what it really means to live your lifetime to the fullest. Honestly I couldn't do what Rhine did. I totally would've stayed there. My brother would be fine by himself. But living until I'm 20? The only good thing about that is you'll look great in your casket. Maybe I'd rather get old and get wrinkled and pruny. Anyway, this is a good book. Look for the 2nd book in the Chemical Garden series.

Reviewed by Sky - Age 14

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