Downtowners Book Group

When: Every Third Wednesday at Noon (unless otherwise noted, see individual listings)
Where: Central Library, President's Office
Contact: Kaite Stover at 816.701.3683

The Downtowners book group discusses a lively mix of fiction, nonfiction, classics, and genres.


November 19
Margot by Jillian Cantor.

Can you hide from your past and change who you are? If you try, what do you risk losing? This delicately written novel proposes an alternate fate for Anne Frank’s sister: Margot Frank survives the war, moves to Philadelphia, finds work as a law secretary and assumes the identity ‘Margie Franklin.’ But when the movie version of The Diary of a Young Girl is released and the law firm takes on the case of a Holocaust survivor, Margot’s past and Margie’s carefully constructed present collide. This great book will appeal to reading groups and fans of alternative history, what-if novels and character-centered fiction.

December 17
Readers’ Roundup

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Group Leader

Kaite Stover

Kaite Stover is the Director of Readers' Services for the Kansas City Public Library, where she serves as the resident expert on book groups. She hosts workshops and presentations nationwide that focus on improved book group experiences. Booklist magazine publishes her side of its regular column "He Reads/She Reads." For more info on the Downtowners Book Group, contact Kaite Stover at 816.701.3683.