Book Donations

During its 29-year history, the Friends of the Library have been pleased to manage the Library's book donations program.

Please contact the Friends of the Library by email or call 816-701-3468 to arrange a donation or with any questions.

Donations: Book donors should box their books and take them directly to their local branches, including Central. If there are more than 1 or 2 boxes, Friends volunteers can meet the donor at a branch or downtown and accept the boxes. The Friends work with the Library to put books for sale on the branch kiosks and at the annual City Market book sales. Even if you have trucks filled with boxes of books, the Friends will work with you to accept your donation!

We accept:

  • Paperback and hardback books: textbooks, fiction, nonfiction, collectible books
  • Newer encyclopedias and reference books (not older than 4 years)
  • DVDs & CDs

We do not accept:

  • Soiled, broken, torn, or smelly books
  • Encyclopedias or reference books older than 4 years
  • Cassette tapes or videotapes
  • National Geographic magazines

Local thrift shops often accept National Geographic magazines and videotapes.

Friends volunteers sort books and other donated items and find new homes for them, mostly through book sales: branch kiosks, summer sales at the City Market, and selling online. Some books may be donated locally to special groups.

Books are the heart and soul of the Friends of the Library, and we love finding new homes for them!

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