Job applications

Many job applications can now be filled out on the Internet, and sometimes this is the only way they can be completed (for some jobs, paper forms may no longer be available). When you find a website that has a job application that you would like to complete, practice filling it out before you send in the final copy.

  • If you fill out a job application online, you will need an e-mail address so that the employer can contact you. The Library's OneNorth Technology Center offers classes on setting up an e-mail account.
  • For some online job applications, you may need to create an "application account" with a personal username and password. Choose these words carefully, and keep somewhere safe. You'll need to remember your username and password to access your application later.
  • Remember that online forms may or may not be completed later once you have started. (Some applications have the username/password system mentioned above so that you can be "remembered" and access it later, and others just have the application). If you are working on a job application at the Library, feel free to ask a staff person to extend your login time.
  • Go slowly as you fill out your job application; remember, you have ONE chance to submit it. Capitalize all proper names and places, as well as names of prior employers. Also be careful of spelling and punctuation!
  • Send your résumé with your job application!
  • Brush up on your computer skills before starting to work on online applications! The OneNorth Technology Center offers personal consultations and classes on computer software programs.

For additional information, contact an H&R Block Business & Career Center librarian by phone, 816.701.3717, or by e-mail,