Researching a career

Here are some initial questions to ask yourself as you begin your career planning research:

  • What types of courses have I enjoyed in school?
  • In what type of environment do I enjoy spending most of my time? Indoors? Outdoors? In an office?
  • Do I want to work closely with people, or "behind the scenes" (for example, with technology?)
  • Do I want to have a leadership position?
  • Do I prefer details or "the big picture"?
  • Do I want a relaxed or intense work environment?

The Library offers several resources for learning about careers. Some items are electronic (see below):

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: Produced by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Handbook is the definitive resource for information about different professions, their duties and educational requirements, expected salaries, and future employment prospects.
  • The Kansas City job market: contains real-time industry data and labor market information for the Kansas City area.
  • The Missouri job market: Missouri's website has this helpful page with information about the current job market in Missouri. You can also look at the state's labor market by geographic region.
  • Sponsored by the Metropolitan Community Colleges, has an online career assessment inventory and many other tools. The username to log in is PennValleyCC, and the password is 2viewmoc.

Also check the Library's catalog under the subject headings "Vocational guidance" (and even "Personality assessment") for books on career guidance. Use these to get started:

For additional information, contact an H&R Block Business & Career Center librarian by phone, 816.701.3717, or by e-mail,

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