Statistics & demographics

Statistics and demographics explain who we are, what we are doing, and measure our well-being. Numbers can paint a picture of a place, a population, or an event.  Many entities collect data, but not all of it is readily accessible. When statistics are compiled by a private organization, the figures usually are not made public. For example, many businesses hire research firms to collect data for them. But these statistics do not become part of the public domain. Likewise, trade associations often gather data but normally only make the information available to their members.

Our federal and state governments provide us with our best sources for statistical research.  Government offices need data to carry out their mandates.  They then aggregate the numbers and publish the results on their webpages and in reports.  Government agencies address education, health, safety, crime, transportation, pollution needs; as well as economic needs including employment, agriculture, and trade.   The guides on demographics and statistics will help you crack open this treasure trove of data.