Bylaws & series

All Library locations will be closed on Monday, February 15 in observance of Presidents' Day.



Article I—Section 1. Function; Section 2. Authority
Article II—Section 1. Membership; Section 2. Terms of Members
Article III—Section 1. Officers; Section 2. Election of Officers and Term of Office
Article IV—Section 1. Duties of Officers—President of the Board; Section 2. Vice President of the Board; Section 3. Secretary/Treasurer of the Board; Section 4. Secretary to the Board
Article V—Section 1. Meetings of the Board; Section 2. Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees; Section 3. Quorum; Section 4. Attendance; Section 5. Committees of the Board; Section 6. Telephonic Meetings; Section 7. Parliamentary Procedure
Article VI—Section 1. Fiscal Year; Section 2. Indemnification
Article VII—Section 1. Library Director—Appointment; Section 2. Assistant Director; Section 3. Library Director—Duties
Article VIII—Section 1. Amendments


000: Internal Policies
100: Public Services
200: Collection Development
300: Personnel and Staff
400: Facilities and Equipment
500: Administration and Support
600: Community Relations
700: Interagency Cooperation

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