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OverDrive has downloadable audiobooks and e-books for both Windows and Mac computers, as well as portable devices such as e-readers, iPhones, and more. Read our OverDrive FAQ...

Note: You MAY download e-audiobooks using your home computer or portable, wi-fi-enabled device anywhere inside or outside the Library. Due to legal issues, you MAY NOT download e-audiobooks using a Library public computer.

EBSCOhost Audiobook Collection

Find and view over 7,000 eAudiobooks online in the EBSCOhost Audiobook Collection. It contains audiobooks that can be downloaded. (Library card required)

Playaway Audiobooks

Playaway audiobooks are a simple way to listen to an audiobook on the go. They come with the audiobook pre-loaded and only require a battery to play and earphones to enjoy. Read more in our Playaway FAQ...

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