Zinio.com & Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer 8 or earlier as your web browser, you may encounter a peculiar error message when you try to subscribe to magazines using our Zinio for Libraries service.

When you're logged into the Library portal, once you click on the magazine you wish to subscribe to and then click Complete Checkout in the pop-up window, another browser window will open and take you to Zinio.com. Zinio.com may display the following error message:

IE8 Tools Compatibility View and Zinio.com

"If you are on Internet Explorer 9 or higher, you may have compatibility turned on. To disable compatibility mode, open the tools menu (alt+T), then deselect compatibility mode."

If you do manage to get to the Zinio.com login screen successfully, you may also encounter this same error message upon attempting to login.

When you go to the Tools menu in your browser, you'll find that Compatibility View is grayed out - which means it's not turned on and you can't disable it.

This is a conflict that Zinio.com has with Internet Explorer 8 and there is no known fix.

To ensure a seamless experience with Zinio.com, we encourage you to use alternate web browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. If your system will support it, you can upgrade to Internet Explorer 9.