Book Release and Signing Event-- DADS BEHAVING DADLY

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
6:00pm @ Central Library


Dads Behaving DADLY: 67 Truths, Tears and Triumphs of Modern Fatherhood (Motivational Press, 2014) explain how dads are becoming more involved parents without sacrificing their masculinity. Dads of different socio-economic backgrounds, races and family structures candidly describe successes they have achieved as actively, involved parents and how they felt about them. Their honest, heart-warming, and humorous stories provide an in-depth look into how fatherhood has changed.

“Dads Behaving DADLY is a ‘must read’ for all parents,” says Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

Four contributors from the Kansas City area - Shannon Carpenter, Christopher Lubbe, Mike Sager and Annette Acosta-Dickson - and one of the lead authors, Al Watts, will be reading their stories and celebrating the release of Dads Behaving DADLY at the Downtown Kansas City Public Library on Wednesday, June 18 from 6-8pm, 14 W. 10th Street, Kansas City.

There have been many in the government and media proclaiming that “Fatherhood is in Crisis in America.” While collecting stories from active, involved fathers for Dads Behaving DADLY, Hogan Hilling, a 5-time author of parenting books, and Al Watts, President of the National At-Home Dad Network, discovered the exact opposite. Although it is true there are absent and irresponsible dads which cause many difficulties for their children, the greater truth Hilling and Watts uncovered is that most fathers are present, responsible and very involved parents.

The messages in Dads Behaving DADLY prove “that the overwhelming majority of fathers in our world are dedicated, nurturing and loving examples of our Human Family!” proclaims Al Cole from CBS Radio and Host of the syndicated talk show “People of Distinction”

The truth is, Fatherhood is Alive and Well in America.

Dads Behaving DADLY is now available on, and

To learn more on the truth about fatherhood, contact Hilling and Watts at

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