Cy Robinson: The Half Chance

Retired pastor Cy Robinson relates how at age 75 he wrote his first novel -- now part of a trilogy— and fought to have it published.  Turns out it’s never too late.
Thursday, May 31, 2012
6:30 pm
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You’re never too old to begin a literary career. At the age of 75 retired pastor Cy Robinson began writing his first novel. Not just a novel, but the first volume in a planned trilogy. He discusses the creation of The Half Chance – a story of a dead-end life blossoming through love, faith, and acceptance – as well as his efforts to find a publisher for his literary offspring.

Rev. Robinson held many jobs – photographer, apricot farmer, real estate agent – before receiving his degree from Bethany Bible College at age 60. He has served several congregations in California and founded his own nondenominational church.