Dark Invasion 1915: Germany’s Secret War and the Hunt for the First Terrorist Cell in America

Vanity Fair contributing editor Howard Blum examines the German terror cell that operated in the U.S. early in World War I, hitting New Jersey’s munitions-packed Black Tom pier and other targets in a series of “accidents” involving explosives and biological weapons.
Great War | Great Read
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
6:30pm @ Central Library

What happens when German spies collaborate to unleash a campaign of terror upon America at the start of World War I?

In Dark Invasion: 1915, a New York City policeman uncovers a German plot to sabotage ships, factories, and even J.P Morgan himself. Howard Blum tells a gripping, true story of espionage and terror on American soil during World War I and the Irish cop who hunted for the conspirators among a population of more than 8 million Germans.

Blum is the author of The New York Times bestseller and Edgar Award-winning American Lightning. He is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and has twice been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting.

Co-presented by the Kansas City Public Library and the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial.

This event is part of The Great War | Great Read.

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