Kansas City and Seville, Spain, are sister cities. Thus this series of  Spanish-language movies by “bad boy” director Pedro Almodovar. He loves women – and makes them the focus of his provocative films.
Almodovar's Women film series
Saturday, March 2, 2013
2:00pm @ Plaza Branch

Director Pedro Almodovar has created a traditional “women’s picture” -- but with the sort of twists we expect from the "bad boy" of Spanish cinema. Marisa Paredes plays a writer of romantic best-sellers who finds her marriage falling apart and her career threatened.
This is Almodovar’s celebration of female maturity and old-fashioned romance. His heroine, fearing she’s over the hill sexually and creatively, engages in self-indulgent moping. But by movie’s end she has become a heroine in every sense of the word, a character in whom we invest our hopes, fears, and desires and whose happiness we desperately care about.

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