Jim Chappell & Matt Fulks - Conversations at Chappell’s

Restaurateur Jim Chappell and sports journalist Matt Fulks share the stories of local sports heroes revealed over food and drink at Chappell's Restaurant & Sports Museum in North Kansas City
Missouri Valley Sundays
Sunday, October 14, 2012
2:00pm @ Central Library

Jim Chappell has accumulated a treasure trove of sports memorabilia that covers the walls of his restaurant. Dozens of sports personalities have talked of their lives and careers over dinner and drinks at Chappell’s. Now Chappell and co-writer Matt Fulks share the stories told by local professional and collegiate stars of football, baseball, basketball, and sports journalism.

Chappell is the owner of Chappell’s Restaurant & Sports Museum in North Kansas City. Fulks is a sports journalist, author, and broadcaster who works for Kansas City’s Metro Sports.

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