KCI Terminal Replacement: What Does the Future Hold?

KCPT’s Nick Haines moderates a panel of experts discussing proposals to replace the city’s three-terminal airport with a single-terminal design, as well as the movement for a citywide vote on the issue.
The Citizens Project
Thursday, July 11, 2013
6:30pm @ Central Library

When it opened 40 years ago, Kansas City International Airport and its three-terminal design was hailed as the most convenient airport in the country. But with changing times and new security demands, is it time for a new facility? A panel of experts discusses whether it’s time to build a new KCI.

This is the third of four public forums in 2013 examining current municipal issues. Up next: the economic border war between Kansas and Missouri (on October 17, 2013).

Co-sponsored by the Citizens Association of Kansas City.

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